Feminism is quite a pristine concept to be precise, it simply means ‘equality of genders’. Yet, the set of alphabets ‘Fem’ seem to mean opposite to people in society, at large. Feminism for most people is an act of alleviating the female society more than the male one, which is in fact not what it is meant to be. Equality is what feminism is all about, yet people base their twisted ideas into its concept — basically converting feminism to a sort of ‘pseudo-feminist’ set of ideals.

Feminism is a high ideal that resonates the idea of being proud of who we are. Feminism yearns for the change of inequality in society. The word Feminism was first coined by Charles Fourier, a French philosopher in 1837 — and it meant an equality of genders, rights, economics and every other social and personal status in society. The famous Oxford English Dictionary claims the word ‘feminist’ appeared in the Dictionary in 1852. The concept of feminism was prevalent in many historical movements all along from the time of its inception. Feminist suffrage parades happened all across USA in 1910–1912 for equal suffrage rights for both men and women. …


Spandan Mallick

An active astronomy enthusiast. Pursuing B.E in Electronics

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